Snowpacalypse 2010!

So, the city of Atlanta was blanketed with many, many inches of snow and ice a few weeks ago.  We were literally confined to our home for almost a solid week.  No one could go anywhere as the roads were totally iced over.  Thanks goodness for technology as I was able to work just fine from home and be “almost” as productive as if I was in the office.  I’m an IT guy afterall…I better be, right?!  So, while the snow brought headache and frustration for some, it sure brought a lot of smiles to most people’s faces…at least for the first couple days!

Kids and adults were sledding down the streets having a ball.  The kids had a great time until they were wet and frozen.  Then they just came in, had some hot chocolate, dried out by the fire and went right back at it!  They’re crazy!  Anyway, here are some pics from Snowpacalypse!

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