Day 1-We’re Off To See the Wizard!

Cockpit for Capt. Big Daddy!

Well, we are only a day into the trip and we truly could replace Gibbs with Griswald.  Let me catch you up!  Friday morning I was running last minute errands before we left and my transmission tried to take off without my permission, by mid afternoon, my check engine light was on.  I got home to finish packing when Kevin walked in sweating.  “Why are you so sweaty?”  I asked so innocently.  Turns out, his car wouldn’t start when he was leaving work so he had to be jumped off, only to have his car die in the neighborhood before he could get home.  We headed down with my car to jump his off as I tried ever so delicately to tell him I wasn’t really sure my car would be much help.  His car wouldn’t start so off he was to by a battery hoping that would work.  As he was doing that, I was home pre-cooking a couple of meals trying win my RV wife of the year award first time out of the gate.

Daddy's Co-Pilot.

Meanwhile, multiple children are running around me out of their minds with excitement and anticipation because we are already behind their schedule of “leaving after lunch”.  I finished cooking and packing everything I could think of and suddenly realized we may come home to neither of our cars working-Welcome Home!  So I called a neighbor and she said she could follow me to drop off my car so it could be fixed while we were away.  Kevin arrived home with his car-new battery did the trick temporarily.  Before I left to take the car I asked him to crank up the RV so the air could get running-simple request, right?  Well, the RV wouldn’t start.  I kid you not.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.  After trying everything possible and getting on the phone with the owner of the RV, Kevin had to jump off the RV (with his new battery none the less-how lucky we were to have a new one on hand!).  So, RV is started, air is running, I am out the door to drop off my car.  I arrive back in the neighborhood with my friend to traffic-yes, traffic in the neighborhood.  We look ahead to see what the hold up is.  It is the “our” RV blocking the street in front of my house.  At this point I told my friend I was getting out and going through the back yard so no one would see me.  Much to my dismay, I didn’t escape to the backyard before my husband runs out of the RV door yelling, “It’s stuck!”.  “DO WHAT?!”  Yes, folks that’s all she wrote-tires spinning and smokin’ and a gorgeous beast of an RV stuck in our across the street neighbor’s driveway tail end taking up almost the entire street.  Wahoo!  I mumble something about putting our old carpet under the tires and head in the house, not sure what I am going to do in there other than avoid what is happening outside.  I did decide to go and move Kevin’s jeep off the street so neighbors could choose an “off road” option around if necessary.  As I did that a kind gentleman had just pulled up and was getting out of his car.  As I drove the loop in the neighborhood, I started praying to Jesus, Mary, and every saint I could think of to come and get us out of this.  Well they answered in a hurry because the gentleman that had gotten out of the car was working in the neighborhood and had a buddy and some plywood.  The rest is neighborhood history with the added help of a couple of large rocks, carpet (Uh hmm), and some pavers.  Finally, 5 hours behind schedule, we headed out of the neighborhood as Kevin called (by Kathleen’s request), “Forward Drive!! (instead of Forward March!, get it? oh boy we got a live one here!).  So, with 6 hours ahead of us for the night, we were off.  Amen!

Can I get an Amen?

At approximately 1am, we pulled into our first Walmart parking lot stay of our trip.  Yes, you heard right-Walmart baby.  We know how to do it right?  Can you hear the twang in my voice?  You’d be surprised how busy a Walmart is at that time of the morning.  I seriously heard the choir of angels singing Alleluia and there were beams of light shining from that Walmart sign when we pulled in.  Wow!!  So after purchasing a blow up bed for Matthew (yes, we left the one we borrowed in Kevin’s sorry jeep!) we settled in for a steamy night’s rest.  Trust me there is no double meaning in that sentence, the RV was simply outrageously hot but Kevin got a fan while he was in Walmart running for mayor yuckin’ it up with the manager.  So, by 2am-ish, we finally crashed!

  1. #1 by Melissa Ball on July 25, 2011 - 9:33 am

    PEEING my pants!!!

  2. #2 by MaryAnne on July 25, 2011 - 11:11 am

    I’m betting the worse the take off, the better the vacation!!

  3. #3 by Lisa on July 26, 2011 - 3:18 pm

    Unbelievable. I’m sure it wasn’t comical at the time. So glad you guys are having fun now! Guess you just weren’t meant to go “after lunch”!!

  4. #4 by Christi Kleiman on July 27, 2011 - 12:05 pm

    Love the blog – great idea! I’m glad you guys are having fun – it sounds like a real adventure. We’re on an adventure of our own – we’re in Cancun! We should get together and compare pics and stories in the next couple of weeks!

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