Day 2-Arrival in Williamsburg

5:56 am- “What time is it Mommy?”  WHAT?!  Really, 4 hours of sleep?  Oh well, we needed to head out early anyway, right?  After a debate on trying biscuits in the convection oven, we opted for Chick-fil-A.  I didn’t want to ruin my cooking streak on the first morning.  Yes, I prepared dinner en route Friday night despite the day we had-see, RV wife of the year here!  Off to Williamsburg.  Had to make it by noon to pick up the rental car and we did without incident aside from still baking in the RV.  Did I mention how hot it is in here?  How do I have a right to complain but realistically how are we going to have no relief from the heat for 7 days?  We got to the RV park, stabilizers out, slides out, water hooked up-ahhh . . . we made it!  Just a minor meltdown from me when I realized the chicken casserole I pre-made was swimming in ice water at the bottom of our cooler.  You see, the freezer is well . . . freezing!  But the refrigerator doesn’t seem to want to work so, just get over it and add more ice to the cooler-happy times!  A little lunch and off to the pool-wow, really blue, cloudy, and warm-hmmm . . . swimming in an RV park pool-yummy!  But we all had a great time.  Kevin had a breath holding contest by himself.  And the girls rode on my shoulders so they could pretend to “walk on water”.  Finally settling in to all of the warm fuzzy moments we had been looking forward to for this week.  Back “home” for showers.  All five of us took showers and I really felt almost human again.  As I was straightening up, I happened to notice another thermostat in our bedroom.  How do you get to our age and feel like such complete morons so many times in such a short period of time?  Wow, and we are responsible for 3 children too!  Anyway, 2nd air conditioner fired up and we are cool as cucumbers.  Kevin, trying to prevent future breakdowns from me was still trying to figure out the refrigerator problem.  “Ricky Bobby” had come to take a look earlier but to no avail.  At the time, I tried to inject my knowledge of a “circuit breaker looking thing” in the back bedroom but no one seemed interested.  As my sweet husband started trouble shooting, I mentioned it again.  What do you know, when we opened it up, the refrigerator breaker was tripped.  Go figure!  With everything “fixed” with exception of avoiding hooking up/dumping the pooper like the plague, we were off to dinner.  Yummy pizza at Z Pizza (Feingold approved none the less) and self serve frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog.

Watch out boys, she'll chew you up!

Things were going so well, we decided to push the envelope and take the kids Go Karting.  They have never been and I was ready to beat the pants off my husband.  What a blast!  I smoked my husband and every other car on the track-had to take the final car on the inside, that’s how I roll baby!  I later rode with Kathleen and I don’t think she will ever get in a car with me again.  I think I heard, “I’m feeling a little stressed!” or something to that affect.  It was hard to hear over the roar of the engines and the crowds chanting, “Girls Rule, Boys Drool!”.   We finished the night off with Kathleen and Matthew riding their first roller coaster (kid size that is!).  That was so entertaining!  Heading home and all snuggled in (yes, snuggled because you see, when you run both air cond. units, your RV actually stays cold-morons!).  It’s 11pm-gotta love vacation!

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