Willy Schmilly

Dearly Beloved Cat, we say good-bye to you today.  15 years ain’t bad for an outdoor cat.  Outdoor cats have become something of a 4-letter word these days.  You can’t even adopt a kitten/cat (even though there are thousands locally bursting out of every shelter both private and public) without agreeing you will spay/neuter, keep every shot updated always, give heart worm medicine, and keep them indoors forever and eternity, but I digress!  A cat is a cat! and Willa was just that (haha!).  She was a cool combination of brown & grey tabby with a hint of calico-nothing fancy, but beautiful and unique in her own way. She was hands down the most easy-going cat I have ever had- after she pooped on our bed as a youngster and got the boot outdoors that is! Really, she required nothing. She even disappeared for 3 months years ago, only to return a bit skinny but otherwise just fine-on Christmas Day no less! So if she came to you for lovin’, you gave it to her because she never asked for anything and it was an honor to be asked.

She had her bed, litter box, food and water in the garage so she could be ‘inside’, safe, and warm (or cool) and then go gallivanting whenever and wherever she chose.  And a walkabout was not uncommon for her in the warm months during her younger days.  It was the perfect life for our cat in my opinion.  Just like people, no two are the same and she craved the freedom to roam outside. She was simply happier with this freedom and it is natural to what cats were created to be and do-“presents” at the back door and all:-)

Willa’s hallmark for me has to be her conversation.  She and I had a friendly banter that challenged my vocal chords daily.  It went something like this, “where’s my food?”
“Give me a minute”
“You’re not moving fast enough!”
“I’m coming, I’m coming!”
“How ’bout now?!”

She didn’t only talk to me though.  She would talk with any member of our family at meal time-her favorite past time, particularly in the last year of her life.  However they never perfected the mimic of her “talk” as she trained me to do~

We all know cats are independent and have a mind of their own and Willa was no different.  However the blessing of them getting older and slowing down is their seemingly increased affection for our love and attention which we gave and received a great deal of over the last few years.  For an abandoned 6 week old kitten found in a field to 15 years with a family who loved her well by giving her the freedom to do her thing and welcoming her when she wanted to grace us with her presence, this was her best life.  And to her we say, ‘thank you’.  As always, animals, no matter what kind of owners they have, always give more than they receive~

We love you Willa!  Thank you for all you gave us over the last 15 years:-)


  1. #1 by Christi Kleiman on November 14, 2013 - 10:26 am

    I’m so sorry for your loss! Willa was a fabulous kitty!

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