Allison Isabel

Allison Isabel arrived on her due date August 5, 2000.  Amazing!  From day one she was our first born rule follower.  As much of a rule follower she is, she is not afraid to be her own person which is beautiful.  She is gorgeously tall, artistic, inventive, and all about the outdoors.  My strict rule of “all nature stays outside” was drafted in response to her continual request to bring ALL of God’s creatures into our home.  She is dog and horse crazy as well.  She has done volunteer work at a vet clinic and currently would like to become a vet and do wildlife rehabilitation.  She is doing gymnastics this year and loves it.  The past couple of years she has also supported our neighborhood swim team by swimming.  Her insane upper body strength was a great asset.  Watching her navigate her journey is such an education as a parent.  She is such a treasure.

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