Kathleen Flaherty

Kathleen Flaherty Gibbs was born the Saturday before Easter April 19, 2003.  She was almost a week late and that trend has continued.  If it is her idea and she is ready, she will perform.  If you want her to do something and she isn’t ready, forget about it.  These are not always easy characteristics to parent, but they will serve her well in the future if we can help shape them properly.  She loves to dance, sing, impersonate, cheer . . . are you sensing a trend?  All things girl, princess, mermaid, fairy, fancy, sparkly, etc.  She loves competition and is constantly trying to better herself which is a great quality to see in your child.  She currently does ballet during the school year and swims on our neighborhood swim team in the summer.  As soon as she finishes a race she asks, “Did I win?” and then gets out to cheer on her fellow swimmers.  Her goal for next year is to be in the Nutcracker ballet her ballet company puts on every year.  She continually blows us away with her insight and her ability to see the grays in life at such a young age.  She is also very compassionate which will suit her well if she achieves her current aspiration of becoming a pediatrician.

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